Technology's Role in Incentive Campaigns

Episode 9 | March 14, 2023

The business world continually turns to technology to simplify complex or even previously impossible tasks. However, technology isn't adopted for some aspects of business as quickly as it could be. Incentive and recognition campaigns are one example where much of the technology that is available is not getting used.

Incentive and engagement solution providers offer software platforms that are proven to increase the engagement of program participants, improve ROI and enhance the overall experience of incentive, recognition and consumer loyalty programs. Learn more about what the technology in this area can accomplish and why you should be tapping into it.



Chris Galloway, Brand Engagement Strategy and Design Leader at Brandmovers, Inc.

Chris Galloway, CPIM, is the head of strategy and design at Brandmovers, Inc., an Atlanta-based technology solution provider that develops and executes engaging incentive and brand loyalty campaigns. He serves on the board of the Incentive & Engagement Solution Providers (IESP) where he heads up IESP's research program. Connect on LinkedIn.



Adam Small, Vice President of Client Success, Global Reward Solutions at CarltonOne Engagement

Adam Small is vice president of client success at CarltonOne Engagement, where he leads the Global Reward Solutions division. With nearly 20 years of strategic and tactical experience in the incentive, reward and recognition industries, Adam helps clients design and execute powerful engagement initiatives that increase performance and deliver resultsConnect on LinkedIn.