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How the Pandemic Year Changed Employee Recognition

Posted on 4/1/2021
Like everything else in the pandemic year, workplace recognition and managing teams for improved performance have been disrupted. In a virtual world, it’s harder to gauge team members’ needs, celebrate successes and make employees feel valued.

New Affiliation Agreement Brings Together Industry Leading Incentive and Recognition Associations

Posted on 3/3/2021
Together the Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) and Recognition Professionals International (RPI) Provide a Comprehensive Network of Incentive & Recognition Solutions, and Rewards for Businesses.

27 Industry Leaders Earned IMA Certifications in 2020

Posted on 3/2/2021
The Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) is recognizing 27 industry leaders who earned IMA Certifications in 2020.

Corporate Culture: How to Make It an Asset for Your Company

Posted on 2/11/2021
When talking about working for companies like Google or Apple, corporate culture often comes up. But culture is about more than free food, coffee, or a game system in an employee lounge, and is not an edict from human resources

Gift Cards A Taxing Problem? Not Necessarily Says Tango Card CCO

Posted on 1/20/2021
There’s an old saying that goes, “no good deed goes unpunished.” And when it comes to rewarding employees with a holiday or other work anniversary reward, the last thing businesses need is to have their generosity become a tax headache.

Moving the Performance Needle: Incentives & Rewards Help Boost Performance

Posted on 12/22/2020
Sometimes employees and sales teams need a bit of motivation, which is why incentives and rewards are being used more and more to help inspire and encourage better sales.

6 Top Takeaways From the Incentive Travel Industry Index

Posted on 12/17/2020
The new research reveals the major trends that are shaping reward travel now.

What Lies Ahead

Posted on 11/24/2020
A return to travel, digital gift cards and increased engagement are among the motivation trends for 2021.

A Closer Look: IMA Keeps Moving Forward

Posted on 11/11/2020
Leaders from the Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) share their views on the impact that COVID-19 has had on the industry and what the association is doing to help.

Why Understanding Motivation, not Preference, is Key to Developing Successful Reward Programs

Posted on 11/2/2020
New IESP White paper “Finding the Best Motivator – Tangible Rewards vs. Cash” reviews the science of what motivates and why cash may be preferred but is not as effective as tangible rewards.

IGCC is Prepared to Help Employers Deliver End of Year and Holiday Recognition Employees Want Most

Posted on 10/28/2020
Enhanced Gift Card Buyer's Guide includes ideas for virtual events and access to resources for hundreds of gift card brands.

IMA President Len Sadek: WFH Will Promote Industry Growth

Posted on 10/12/2020
Len Sadek, CPIM, Director, Gift Card Sales & Marketing, Landry’s Inc., and the new president of the Incentive Marketing Association, believes the work from home movement will promote the need for motivation and expanded use of digital platforms.

IMA and Strategic Industry Groups Honor Five Outstanding Volunteers with Spirit Awards

Posted on 9/29/2020
Anne Jetter, David Gould, Benita Johnson, Jeffrey Brenner and Marc Matthews recognized for industry-leading work and contributions of time and talent.

IMA Honors Mike Donnelly with Karen Renk Award

Posted on 9/29/2020
IMA Honors Cindy Mielke with Karen Renk Fellowship Award

2020 Excellence Award Winners

Posted on 9/29/2020
Synchro Marketing, Tango Card Inc., CR Worldwide, Agência Digi, HMI Performance Incentives, Motivforce, MCI Brasil, and Motisha with the Boost Group recognized for development of outstanding incentive and recognition programs that improve business pe