The Remarkable Power of Data: Design, Relationships and Strategy 

Episode 4 | December 15, 2021

Measuring ROI is only one way to use data. The real power of data comes from a multi-dimensional approach.  Lincoln Smith, IP, chief strategy officer, HMI Performance Incentives, shares how loyalty and incentive programs can be powerful tools to drive revenue when data is applied to program design and decision making in ways that build value into the relationships. 


 Lincoln Smith, MBA, IP, Chief Strategy Officer of HMI Performance Incentives
Lincoln has over 20 years of experience designing performance incentive programs for manufacturers, distributors, and service partners to help drive share-of-wallet spend, build loyalty and increase engagement. His expertise is in Incentive Strategy, Loyalty Program Design & Consulting, Integrated Marketing, Promotion & Gamification Design, Experiential Event Design, and Global Channel Marketing. Lincoln is a certified Incentive Professional (IP) by the Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) and serves on the  Incentive & Engagement Solutions Providers (IESP) Board. Prior to joining HMI Performance Incentives, Lincoln worked as a Strategist for helping organizations transition to digital business models. Connect on LinkedIn.