Making Global Employee Recognition Meaningful, Equitable

New IESP White Paper provides strategies for Overcoming Challenges to Recognizing Performance in a Multicultural Workforce

MINNEAPOLIS —May  11, 2018 — Consistency, equality, relevancy, local sourcing and adherence to government regulations rank among top challenges facing global businesses trying to build meaningful reward programs. 

A new white paper, “Overcoming Challenges to Recognizing Performance in a Multicultural Workforce,” from the Incentive & Engagement  Solution Providers (IESP), a Strategic Industry Group within the Incentive Marketing Association (IMA), affirms the need for fresh, creative strategies for engaging employees and rewarding performance across a global organization.

Incentive industry experts from around the world sharing insights for the white paper unanimously emphasized the importance of doing the appropriate up-front work needed before launching a program. They also underscored the use of software and tools that can help businesses recognize consistently and provide opportunities for equal rewards. 

According to Michael Donnelley, CPIM, president, Hinda Incentives “it’s about making recognition appropriate and meaningful to the employee and being able to provide rewards that provide local, in-country ease, choice and value, and are delivered in a form and fashion that is a truly rewarding experience…”

Even with careful planning, a well-designed, consistently implemented program could be at risk if global tax compliance isn’t considered. “… we are seeing full audits in countries like China, Brazil and the EU where tax compliance is an extremely hot topic and companies are being asked to provide proof of compliance…” said Robert Purdy, founder and CEO, Carlton One Engagement.

From retailers to pharmaceutical companies and more, IESP members who contributed to the white paper cited client successes of carefully planned global programs that got creative and looked beyond the “one size fits all” strategy.


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