Content Submissions and Guidelines

IESP members are the best sources to provide expertise regarding incentive, engagement and recognition programs.  This information will serve as a resource for end-users that are looking for information about incentive programs. While you and your company will be able to use the information and present it as your creation, the information posted on the IESP website will not include your company’s branding and will be considered an IESP resource.

Submission Form

Please complete the optional Resource Submission Form and send it to the IESP office to review prior to completing your submission. While it is not required to submit this form in advance, doing so will increase the likelihood that your final submission will be accepted.

Content Suggestions

Below is a list of important topics we have identified. We also invite you to share your expertise regarding topics you believe are important to our audience.
  • Best practices around the use of incentives for employee engagement and talent management.
  • The impact of IOT and the cloud on channel loyalty programs.
  • How incentives help your organization achieve its full business potential.  
  • Reward and recognition programs.  A fresh perspective. 
  • Employee engagement programs for the generations.  
  • Is your incentive program ready for 2020? Program planning and budgeting.
  • Global recognition, incentive and engagement best practices
  • Global, Preferences Management, QMS


If you have questions after you have reviewed the information or would like to submit a form, please contact Karen Wesloh at