About the Incentive & Engagement Solutions Providers

The IESP Mission

The Incentive & Engagement Solution Providers (IESP), a strategic industry group of the Incentive Marketing Association (IMA), is a trusted resource for business leaders globally in helping their organizations achieve results through engagement and incentive solutions.

IESP Goals & Objectives

The IESP Board of Directors developed a list of goals they wish to accomplish short term. Focusing primarily on these items will bestow a strong foundation for this SIG.

  • Focus on growing the membership base to a minimum of 50 members so our SIG is represented on the IMA board
  • Create content for end-users that our members and the IMA can share
  • Align ourselves to be the content voice of the IMA directed to corporate end-user buyers
  • Consider creating end-user webinars and lunch-and-learns given by area provider members in partnership with local chambers and business organizations with content created by this group to be shared and leveraged by provider members at these SIG sponsored events
  • Be a forum for members to address issues such as questions around helping clients prove performance metrics (ROI), program structure, incentive, recognition and reward choices, etc.
  • Provide valuable networking and member education around the changing business climate, technology applications, and end-user client trends and topics

Contact IESP

(952) 928-4649
4248 Park Glen Road | Minneapolis, MN 55416