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Business improves when employees and customers are recognized, rewarded and engaged through effectively structured programs with defined goals and proven returns. The Incentive Marketing Association is comprised of companies who are leaders in the $90 billion incentive industry. That’s why business improvement starts with IMA.

IMA is the only organization in the field representing every segment of the marketplace including: Advertising/Sales Promotion Agencies; Consultants, Distributors; Gift Card/Certificate Suppliers; Fulfillment Companies; Incentive Houses; Manufacturers; National Marketing Companies; Performance Improvement Companies; Representatives; Recognition Companies, Travel Specialists and the industry’s major trade publications and trade show managers.

We invite you to explore our website to learn how IMA can help you prosper in the incentive industry.

What is an Incentive Program and How Do You Develop One?

When an incentive (an object or event that is valued) is included with a specific goal, an individual is further motivated to achieve the goal. Creating an incentive program doesn't have to be complicated. Discover how to develop one today in our ten simple steps.

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How to Develop an Incentive Program

How to Develop an Incentive Program

Creating an incentive program doesn't have to be complicated. Discover how to design an effective incentive program in 10 steps.