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IESP’s goal is to educate and promote the benefits of results-based incentive and recognition programs to the worldwide business community. The resources on this page are provided to businesses to help them make informed decisions regarding their recognition and rewards programs. 

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New and Noteworthy

NEW WHITE PAPER: Emerging Best Practices and Innovation in B2B Incentive and Loyalty Programs

Establishing Benchmarks: What Kind of Results Can You Expect From Incentive or B2B Loyalty Programs?

How to Increase Sales with Self-Selected Incentive Programs

How Does Your Incentive or Loyalty Program Measure Up?

White Paper: Finding the Best Motivator – Tangible Rewards vs. Cash

Strategies for Reducing Employee Turnover and Tools for Calculating ROI

How Top Performing Companies Use Non Cash Rewards as a Competitive Advantage infographic

Proposal Template: Improving Engagement & Business Performance with Employee Rewards and Recognition 

Overcoming Challenges to Recognizing Performance in a Multicultural Workplace


How to Achieve a Human Workplace Through Social Recognition

Brain Power: Getting Inside Their Heads is Key to Driving Performance and Engagement

Employee Recognition and Rewards Programs Can Generate Significant Revenue and Profits

Employee Engagement Programs Institutionalize Leadership Behavior

Engaged Employees Provide Better Customer Service

8 Cultural Imperatives for Workplace Safety

How to Engage and Market to Millennials

10 Tips for Motivating and Engaging Millennials in the Workplace

The Recognition Revolution: Future Workplace Calls for Creative Thinking, New Strategies and Bold Moves

Credibility Crisis: Leadership, Trust and Strategic Recognition in the Workplace

Reward Management for the Next Generation

Pump Up Employee Engagement: Fuel Prosperity with Strategic Recognition

Seven Misconceptions about Employee Retention 

The Four Pillars of Safety

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Incentive & Recognition Program Basics

How to Develop an Incentive Program

Legal Considerations


Connecting Recognition to Brand Values

The Intersection of Brand and Culture: Leveraging Engaged Employees as Brand Ambassadors

It’s Personal: The Brand, the Consumer, and Employee Recognition

Great Program Communications Inspire Employees, Drive Results

Global Incentives

Incentives in India: A Coming of Age

Reward, recognition programs bring opportunities, challenges to companies operating in China

Recognition & Incentives in the Global Marketplace: Selecting the Right Provider

Executive Brief: Incentives and Recognition in Canada

Global Incentive Programs


Best Practices for Today and Tomorrow | Online

Does Your Safety Incentive Program Need More Carrot and Less Stick?
Download PDF | Online

Is Your Organization Ready to Build a culture of Safety?
Download PDF

Keeping Safe Practices Front and Center
 | Download PDF | Online

Keeping Them Healthy is Keeping Them Safe | Download PDF

Safety Incentives: It’s a Small World, After All | Download PDF | Online

Safety Incentives: Why One Size Does Not Fit All | Download PDF | Online

Safety Totally Leads the Way
 | Download PDF | Online

The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same | Download PDF

When it Comes to Safety, Size Shouldn’t Matter | Download PDF | Online


Sell In or Sell Out: A Unique Approach to Channel Incentive Program Design

Enough is Enough: How to Solve Lackluster Sales Performances Once and For All

Getting the Most from Your Channel Incentives

Important Trends in Channel Sales: An IESP Perspective

Pitching an Employee or Sales Incentive Program to Management 

Customer Loyalty

How Profitable is Your Loyalty Program: Measuring and Increasing ROI

Why Your Marketing Strategy Needs a Loyalty Program

IMA Circle of Excellence Case Studies

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Legislative & Regulatory

2018 IRF Studies - Regulation & Legal Issues - Primer

2018 IRF Studies - Regulation & Legal Issues - Summary

2018 IRF Studies - Regulation & Legal Issues - PowerPoint Deck

2018 IRF Studies - Regulation & Legal Issues - White Paper