2019 Circle of Excellence Award Winners

IMA presented its 2019 Circle of Excellence Awards at a ceremony on Tuesday, July 23, 2019 during the association’s annual Summit in Chicago, Illinois. 


00:00 - Circle of Excellence Awards

1:48 - Sales Incentive Programs: Incentive Solutions, Michelin
3:36 – Employee Incentives Programs: Hawk Incentives, KEHE Distributors
5:12 - Dealer Distribution Incentive: Digi, Coca-Cola Brasil
6:55 – Innovation: HMI Performance Incentives, Polyglass Q

2019 IMA Circle of Excellence Award Winners 

Award Category: Sales Incentive
Incentive Solutions with Michelin North America

Incentive Solutions identified that for Michelin opportunity tied to small fleet/small dealer segment. To reach these dealers Incentive Solutions set out to create a program that achieved the following: modernize the current rewards program to create better synergy with the target audience, increase engagement for their sales support, gain support from the independent owners, establish a mass communication platform and add the ability to customize promotions. Though a mix of digital communications, in-house dealer training and promotion at national and regional sales meetings the program has been very successful with goals met for every objective from tires sold to participation and redemption.  

Award Category: 
Employee Incentive
Hawk Incentives & GoPivot with Kehe Distributors LLC

Safety is a core pillar of Kehe’s mission, and the company was looking for better way to incentivize safe behaviors that would be a win for the employees and the company. Hawk Incentives and GoPivot developed a safe driving program targeted professional company truck drivers with the following objectives: decrease accidents and violations, decrease unsafe driving behaviors while making safety incentives more meaningful and top of mind. To do so, this program used Drive Cam technology that to continuously monitor the drivers’ behavior it was coupled with a GoPivot’s real-time on the spot recognition program based on incentivizing leading indicators. The safe driving program saw a 100% participation rate with a 13% decrease in accidents and incidents as well as a 15% decrease in unsafe driving behaviors.

Award Category: Dealer Distributor Incentive
Agencia Digi with Coca Cola Brazil

Del Valle is the Minute Maid brand in Brazil and is sold by the same sales force that sells the Coca Cola products. Agencia Digi was tasked with creating a centralized incentive program across the nine sales Coca Cola sales regions. “Safra de Compeoes” or “Champion’s Catch” was launched to motivate and engage the sales force toward higher volume within the portfolio of non-carbonated Coca Cola products, which were typically deemed less important by the sales agents.  Over 5,000 agents registered for the program, which is over 60 percent of the target audience. Fifty percent of participants actively engaged in online trainings and over 4,000 prizes were claimed via an online catalog. This participation led to amazing product sales results driving the number of non-carbonated Coca Cola products per-point-of-purchase from two to six and exceeding sales targets by 20 percent.

Innovation Award
HMI Performance Incentives with Polyglass USA

Polyglass USA’s target audience was licensed roofing contractors who purchased the Polyglass line of roofing products through local distributors. Polyglass challenged HMI to: create a unique way to recruit, profile and engage program participants; enhance the program user experience to increase participation; acquire behavior data to gain insights to better understand participant purchase behavior.  By taking advantage of innovative “Snap2Claim” technology the program allowed participants to simply take a photo of their Polyglass product receipt rather than manually entering the data. This increased convenience and led to great results, doubling the number of targeted and enrolled participants, and increasing claimant activity by 44 percent with 15 times the amount of collected participant data.

Special Recognition

Special thanks to the IMA Circle of Excellence judges who give of their time and support to make it possible to recognize and honor the great work of IMA members. 

Lisa Grimaldi, editor, Northstar Meetings Group; Paul Hennessy, publisher, Premium Incentive Products; Rich Killian, CPIM, president, RK Incentives; and Rex Remigi, marketing director, global awards, O.C. Tanner. 

Awarding You, Waterford and Xuma Communications.