2018 Circle Of Excellence Award Winners

IMA Circle Of Excellence - IMA Award Winners

IMA presented its 2018 IMA Circle of Excellence Award Winners with awards. The ceremony was on Tuesday, July 24, 2018 during the association’s annual Summit in Newport Beach, California. View our Summit 2018 Recap page to see the ceremony recording.

2018 IMA Circle of Excellence Award Winners

Discover the IMA Circle of Excellence winners and the award category they won.

  • Employee Incentive Program Award─ CILOYALTY with Mercedes ─ Benz Australia/Pacific
  • Recognition Award ─ CILOYALTY with Sanofi Consumer Healthcare 
  • (3 Awards) Dealer Distributor, Sales Incentive and A/B Testing ─ HMI Performance Incentives with Transtar Industries Inc. 
  • Consumer Offer/Branding Program/Customer Loyalty Award ─ Motivforce Marketing and Incentives with Celebrity Cruises

Award Category: Employee Incentive Program
CILOYALTY with Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific 

CILOYALTY worked with Mercedes-Benz Australia/Pacific to develop a program to recognize and reward service excellence. The “Star Rewards” program incorporates all incentive programs and job roles across Mercedes-Benz passenger car and van dealerships, including opportunities for incentive travel to Mexico and South Africa.  Using a multi-purpose platform solution with accurate and timely data was critical to success. Data was complex with varying levels of access required for end-users, along with key performance indicator calculations to ensure accurate results could be uploaded monthly to dashboards. Enhanced engagement strategies brought the program to life by providing opportunities to connect, recognize and reward. Strategies included ability to earn points and/or status credits, a rewards catalogue, auctions, eLearning modules, newsfeeds, calendar of events, resource libraries, leader boards, and polling modules.

An innovative technological solution and seamless user experience for over 1500 users from six business units was achieved with an average of 76 percent of eligible participants enrolled in the program. 

Award Category: Recognition
CILOYALTY with Sanofi Consumer Healthcare

CILOYALTY worked with Sanofi Consumer Healthcare to increase engagement with its “Nosy Club” program, an education-based recognition and reward program for selected Australian and New Zealand pharmacy assistants. Participant feedback guided the development of the new strategy designed to seamlessly deliver information, recognize learning and reward participants for their achievements. Education was provided in a variety of formats, including gamification, and was easily accessible from any device. A tailored reward catalog provided rewards tailored to the Sanofi brand and the well-being of participants.

In 2017 the Nosy Club platform solution delivered on all business objectives with a 21 percent increase in active users and a 54 percent increase in module completion and an overall improved user experience. 

The video above, for Employee Incentive Program, includes the Recognition category video summary as well.

3 Awards – Dealer / Distributor, Sales Incentive and A/B Testing
HMI Performance Incentives with Transtar Industries Inc. 

HMI Performance Incentives helped Transtar Industries Inc., which serves thousands of resellers worldwide, to create a platform to engage and motivate shop owners with a goal of increasing sales by 10 percent over six months. A/B testing was used to measure results of a loyalty campaign which rewarded shop owners for purchasing products, and a sales growth campaign which gave shop owners purchase goals and then provided additional reward points toward incremental purchases. A control group received no campaign.

The program exceeded all goals with results of 1) more than twice the original sales goal, and accounts on track to hit their goals grew by 37 percent year over year.

Award Category: Consumer Offer/Branding Program/Customer Loyalty
Motivforce Marketing & Incentives with Celebrity Cruises 

Motivforce Marketing & Incentives helped Celebrity Cruises stand out in a highly competitive B2B distribution channel where travel agents are bombarded with incentives to sell alternative holiday or cruise products. The “Celebrity Rewards” program cut through the clutter in this crowded market, first in the United Kingdom/Ireland and now in the United States/ Canada, by employing an engaging user-friendly delivery via a website platform, innovative tactical promotions, tailored communications, detailed participant analytics and exceptional rewards flexibility. 

In 2017, the Celebrity Rewards program exceeded Celebrity Cruises’ ambitious targets by engaging 8,976 agents in the USA/Canada and 12,683 in UK/Ireland and is critically driving a new record for revenue growth and bookings for Celebrity Cruises in these markets.

Special Recognition

Special thanks to the IMA Circle of Excellence judges who give of their time and support to make it possible to recognize and honor the great work of IMA members. 

Paul Hennessy, publisher, Premium Incentive Products Magazine; Leo Jakobson, executive editor, Incentive Magazine; Rich Killian, CPIM, president, RK Incentives; Cindy Mielke, CPIM, vice president, marketing and sales operations, GC Incentives; Paul Nolan, editor, Sales & Marketing Management Magazine; and Rex Remigi, global awards marketing director, O.C. Tanner.

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