Introducing Motisha’s Podcast: It’s All About Engagement

A Podcast for Marketing and HR Professionals Who Want to Increase Performance & Engagement with their Employees and Customers

Join hosts Gunther Everaert and Fintan Connolly as they take an inside look into the world of incentives! From humorous anecdotes to thought-provoking discussions, they'll explore how enterprise engagement programs can drive sales, increase employee productivity and create long-lasting relationships.

Tune in monthly for an entertaining and informative podcast with special guests and thought-leaders that will transform your approach to loyalty and incentive programs forever.

NEW: Episode #4—How to Build a Culture of Engagement & Gratitude in Your Organization

We delve deep into exploring the vital connection between company values, culture and engaged employees. Why employees work for, and buy from organizations who have similar values and a connected culture. Coming to you from the heart of Bruges.

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