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*NEW DATE* IMRA Webinar Series: Part 1 - Five Tips to Turn Your LinkedIn Profile into a Selling Tool

9/28/2021 -  9/28/2021

In this interactive webinar, you will get hands-on ideas to help you start updating your LinkedIn profile while you are learning.

*NEW DATE* IMRA Webinar Series: Part 2 - 3 Steps to Building Beneficial Relationships on LinkedIn

9/28/2021 -  9/28/2021

In this interactive webinar you’ll be able to start taking action on LinkedIn while you are learning.

IGCC Webinar: Gift Card 101

9/29/2021 -  9/29/2021

Join Matt and the IGCC explore the basic and more advanced tactics and strategies of successful gift card programs.

RPI Webinar: The 7 New Rules of Engagement

9/30/2021 -  9/30/2021

Engaging employees is a challenge we all face. C.A. Short Company has developed these new rules of engagement that we believe create a blueprint for success. Join us to find out what they are and how you can start utilizing right away!

RPI Webinar: The Recognition Imperative

10/28/2021 -  10/28/2021

This presentation provides a look at why recognition matters more than ever and how leaders can unlock its power to build resilient, innovative teams prepared to meet the ever-changing landscape of tomorrow.

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2021 IMA Member Meeting

This past April, IMA Chapter & SIG board leaders shared with members what their Chapter or SIG does, who they represent and how their members benefit.