Silent Auction

Why Donate?

Adding an item to the silent auction is a great way to get exposure for your company from hundreds of IMA Summit attendees. Last year, over 40 items were donated in the IMA Virtual Summit Silent Auction and nearly $4,000 was collected in revenue, which supports the IMA's efforts to provide events, publications, and research. Deadline to donate was Friday, July 23, 2021!

 Reminder: You do NOT need to bring the donation with you. You will be notified after the Summit as to the winner and where to ship your donated item.
Additional Visibility: In addition to the on-site auction where your donation will be highlighted in print during the bidding,  an online catalog will be available for viewing one month before the Summit.  The catalog will feature product images and the name of each contributing company and all IMA members will receive an email invitation to view the exciting assortment of items available to the highest bidders!

What Do Silent Auction Proceeds Support?

Funds raised through the IMA silent auction support educational initiatives aligned with our mission statement designed to communicate the value of rewards, recognition and corporate gifts. IMA provides tools that make it easier for buyers and the companies that work with them to access IMA members to provide products and services to support their rewards and recognition programs. This includes print information, webinars, in person educational sessions, and one on one conversations. We have built relationships with a variety of industry associations, media outlets and other organizations to help us reach this audience.