Education Sessions

Engaging your Customers through B2B Gift Cards

In the B2B gift card industry, there has typically been a wall between the Merchant and the customer who ultimately chooses their gift card via B2B gift card portfolios. What happens when you are able to engage the end-consumer in B2B? How can you do it? What results could you see? We will use data from our platform and show what can happen with even just a little bit of engagement and how merchants are able to do this today in all B2B programs. 
Holly Glowaty, EVP of Merchants, Prizeout

Fantastic Behavioral Science Hacks You Can Use to Achieve Better Program Results

Takeaways include how design-phase hacks improve results of your incentive, recognition and loyalty programs, small changes in rewards that drive huge improvements in your results, decide once and for all whether ignoring extrinsic motivation is a good idea (or not), and identify the power words you’ll need to maximize engagement in your program.
Tim Houlihan, Founder, BehaviorAlchemy

Choosing U

Having the right reward mix for your incentive and recognition program results in gratifying and guilt-free purchases for participants that are long-lasting, memorable and sharable. In order to create the right mix for your clients, you must consider the dynamic nature of who we are as individuals. During this session, Mark Smith of One10 will share his story and why we must remember that your participant’s story is what will guide their reward selections. 
Mark Smith, Sr. Director, Rewards, One10

Incentive and Reward Travel: The Road to Recovery

A panel discussion with members of the incentive, reward and travel industry on what they are doing to position travel as demand increases in a post-COVID world. This will also include buyers of incentive travel to get their perspective on what they are seeing from corporations looking to purchase incentive/group travel.
Todd Tomlin, Managing Director, Consummo Consulting (Moderator); Peter Friend, Founder and CEO, Global Hotel Card By Expedia

Recognition Fundamentals

Recognition Fundamentals provides an overview of the Seven Best Practices and has been developed from years of implementation and research. Promote awareness and develop a thorough understanding of the vital role recognition plays in organizations with this hour-long course. Recognition Fundamentals is a standalone, introductory course that is recommended but not required for CRP certification.
Theresa Harkins-Schulz, Sodexo 

Why Merchants Must Close the Gift Card Digital Transformation Gap

Digital transformation has impacted almost every aspect of commerce, but in many cases gift cards have been passed by. Many merchants are leaving a ton of gift card-powered value on the table because they haven’t yet made gift cards central to an integrated, omnichannel strategy. While there are many factors that impact the value of these programs, mature, high-value gift card programs should be frictionless, highly personalized, an equal partner in an omnichannel strategy, and designed to leverage search and recommendation. This presentation will address these topics and cite new 2021 research from Incisiv on the state of gift card programs spanning U.S. retailers and restaurants.
Dan Farrell, General Manager of Gift Cards, Loop Commerce

Incentive Program Success? If You Don't Measure, You Don't Know

The topic of return on investment and program success frequently gets brought up, but all too often, opinion and anecdote determine whether a program is performing or not. With the tools and automation now available, this answer is data driven. In this session, we will discuss what can and should be measured in order to manage for program success. 
David Gould, CPIM, Managing Director, Europe, 360insights

Learn How Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Can Optimize Incentive Program Design, Engagement, Performance and Results

AI and ML can be used to optimize the planning and design of incentive programs, increase participant engagement through personalization, improve performance and continuously enhance the program to maximize business results. Learn about the best practices to use AI and ML in your programs.
Ira Ozer, CPIM, CRP, CEP, President, Engagement Partners

Balance of Rewards in a Recognition Program

  • Levers people use
  • When to use Gift cards, merchandise, experiences/travel
  • Allocate right mix to achieve success
  • How does the right mix drive behaviors and results
  • Making adjustments to keep engagement alive
Ashlee Green, Verizon; Susan Hall, Gateway First; Tonda Ferguson, Southwest;  and Brian Dodds, Workstride

Covid Winners: Online Subscription Gift Cards

We will track the evolution of new emerging gift card segments starting with Omni-channel merchants (Home Depot, Staples, Sears), then online platforms (Fandango,, SpaFinder), and now online subscription companies (Netflix, XBox, Dollar Shave Club) and analyze this new gifting phenomenon.  Now, as you will learn, all online gift cards are equal. 
Mitch Brody, Blackhawk Network (Moderator)

Managers - The Missing Piece of the Recognition Puzzle

The pandemic and a sudden shift to remote workers has shined a spotlight on the need for manager recognition training. But, training is only one dimension of engaging managers to recognize employees. Mangers are critical to a successful employee engagement initiative and need a combination of training, recognition tools, metrics, regular reinforcement and executive support to provide effective recognition programs. This session investigates how to tap managers, the missing piece of the recognition and engagement puzzle, to maximize your employee recognition initiatives.
Ric Neeley, Hinda Incentives (Moderator), Mike Donnelly, CPIM, President, Hinda Incentives, Jeff Gelinas, Engage2Excel, Theresa Thomas, Hinda Incentives

Understanding and Simplifying the Complexities of International Fulfillment from the US

A look at how to add an international reward fulfillment option for your US customers' programs.  What are the considerations you need to make to fulfill internationally, how to get started, potential road hazards along the way to keep an eye out for, recent changes due to Brexit and COVID, and how to have solutions ready.
David Boodey, CPIM, President, RepLink (Moderator); Stewart Guy, President, One Reward: Nick Burt, Account Director Procurement International

The Essential Elements of Recognition

In order for a recognition program to have the most impact, there are a few simple things that need to be included. These 5 Essential Elements of Recognition provide a framework in creating a strategic and successful recognition program that increases employee satisfaction and aligns with the organizational goals.

  1. Human Interaction
  2. Peer Recognition
  3. Useful & Desirable Awards
  4. Family Involvement
  5. Immediate Gratification

The 5 Essential Elements of Recognition play a huge role in building a culture of togetherness, support, and total recognition. Join our panel led session as we discuss these elements in detail and their impact on the recognition experience.
R. Scott Russell, VP of Engagement Strategies, CRP, C.A. Short Company & Past President of RPI (Moderator), Jeff Ross, CEO/CFO, CRP,C.A. Short Company, Lauren Gagne, Director of Merchandising, CRP, C.A. Short Company, RPI Board Director, Latecia Pusha, HR Manager, CRP, SHRM-CP, Effingham Health System

Rewards, Incentives, and Payments: What Consumers Really Want

A lot has changed in the last year, but the desire for companies to reward good work and incentivize consumers is stronger than ever. Hear results from Tango Card’s recent research and customer surveys on what consumers say they want when it comes to receiving rewards, incentives, and payments in 2021. 
Scotty Greenburg, Marketing Director, Tango Card 

12 Karmic Laws of Incentive Rules - What Buddhists Know About Program Design

Program design is both difficult and easy. And therein lies the rub. It adheres to simple rules that can be used in infinite ways. Hinduism and Buddhism are also complex yet easy.  There are only 12 Laws of Karma. I believe there are also only 12 Laws of Design. Spend time learning how the 12 Laws of Karma can be reinterpreted as 12 Laws of Incentive Design. 
Paul Hebert, IP, Senior Accpunt Executive, Workstride 

Design Immersion - Get Hands-On with Program Strategy for Greater Results

We all know that the design of an incentive or loyalty program impacts results (ROI) and ultimately client retention. While break-out sessions that explore case studies and sharing of best practices are great, sometimes they just don't apply to your current situation.  In this interactive session, you will have an opportunity to gain knowledge and insights applied to your specific needs.  
Chris Galloway, CPIM, EVP, Strategy & Design, Brandmovers (Moderator)

Broadening the definition of recognition: our employees and the communities we serve

Each year Harvard celebrates our 10,000 employees with Security Officer Appreciation Week and Thank Your Cleaner Day.  The pandemic brought many challenges to our frontline employees, so we used this as an opportunity to redefine our traditional recognition plans into a “season of thanks” – driving deeper purpose into our effort through the recognition of our employees and the communities we serve.   In this session, we will review the unique challenges that our workforce and the pandemic presented, along with our purpose driven approach for defining a solution to achieve our goal.
David Klein, VP Talent & Organization, Harvard Companies