IMA Social Media Guidelines

The IMA social media community in LinkedIn is intended to be a forum where incentive industry members can openly discuss issues relating to our industry and interact with potential marketing partners.

The following guidelines are intended to govern participation in these forums:

  • Access to IMA's LinkedIn groups are open to any interested participant (SIG groups are restricted to members-only).
  • Press releases on new products, marketing partnerships, new hires, etc. are welcome.
  • One job posting per week will be allowed. Job postings will be automatically removed thirty days after posting.
  • Explicit sales messages are permitted, but restricted to two per week.
  • Derogatory comments about other companies, products, or award-types will be removed.
  • IMA reserves the right to remove any post or information that is deemed inappropriate.
  • The IMA Twitter account will likewise be maintained for the purpose of highlighting important research, interesting topics, and industry-relevant messaging.