Certified Professional of Incentive Management (CPIM) 

The CPIM certification recognizes incentive professionals who demonstrate the knowledge and leadership essential to succeed in the incentive industry.

COST: IMA Members - $100 | Nonmembers - $250

Applicants for CPIM designation must have a minimum of two consecutive years of industry experience and be active in the industry at the time of certification. 

There are three requirements of the CPIM program. The following requirements may be completed in any order. The candidate must:


To maintain this certification, the CPIM recipient must successfully complete the renewal assessment form every three years. The renewal assessment form illustrates the CPIM’s commitment to continuing education and industry involvement. The renewal fee is $100 for IMA members and $250 for non-members. CPIM Renewal Form

While many points earned for CPIM qualification/renewal involve specific activities such as attending conferences and participating in other educational activities over the immediate prior three year period, certain points toward renewal are non-expiring. Example, permanent points are awarded for being the recipient of a major industry award and for each year that a member has continuously held a CPIM.  Once the quantity of non-expiring points reaches 100 (the number required for renewal), the certification is considered permanent and will not require further renewals.  For most members, this achievement level occurs after continuously holding the certification for ten to fifteen years.

IMA’s goal is to make the CPIM certification a meaningful, respected industry standard. Great care will be taken to assure that CPIM recipients are worthy of this designation. CPIM certification may be denied or revoked for the following reasons:

  • Falsification or misrepresentation of education, and/or leadership and work experience on the CPIM assessment tool
  • Failure to pass the exam
  • Violation of testing procedures
  • Failure to meet re-certification requirements


Demonstrates you have accepted the challenge to advance your knowledge of incentives
Enhances your professional standing in the incentive industry
Recognizes you as an industry expert and leader
Gives you an advantage in a competitive marketplace
Helps you stay abreast of the latest industry research, trends, and more