IMA MEAPAC Membership

Benefits Overview

IMA Middle East, Africa & Asia Pacific (IMA MEAPAC) is a Chapter of the U.S. based Incentive Marketing Association (IMA), our mission is to increase business awareness of the power and success of incentive programs and champion the benefits across the Middle East, Africa & Asia Pacific.

IMA MEAPAC members are leaders in providing products and services such as total rewards, employee benefits, flexible and voluntary benefits; prepaid and gift cards, agency and consultancy services. IMA MEAPAC provides members valuable opportunities for networking and education. Together the members of the IMA help increase businesses awareness of the power and success of incentive programs and champion the benefits. This way the industry gets better known and business opportunities increase for us all.

Education and Networking:

Our primary activity is a calendar of events globally where we share learnings, case studies and best practice in incentive marketing. As a member of IMA MEAPAC you can join our meetings and events either to learn more about our industry or simply to network with other members. 

If you cannot make it to the meetings but would like to network, you can use the members list or join the LinkedIn group. Both are great resources for asking the other members for help, opinions or learning.

Furthermore you/your business will be listed on our member directory. This way other members can find out more about you and get in contact. Our aim is to provide many member opportunities for greater networking and greater visibility for every business involved.

Open door policy:

Everyone from the incentive industry in the Middle East, Africa & Asia Pacific is welcome to join. It does not matter if you are focusing on gift cards & vouchers, experiences or events, the employee, channel partner or, if you are a retailer or provider. What’s important to us is that your heart – just like ours – belongs to the incentive industry. All topics are discussed very openly between the members. It is not unlikely to see companies that pitch for the same clients to work together at the IMA in order to develop the industry. Furthermore, our members are very open to help each other with their knowledge and experience. This is done by sharing best and worst practices at the meetings. In the end it is important for all of us to learn and grow.

Members Meeting:

We will hold members meetings twice  year in the region. Venues will be confirmed in advance. At the members meetings we give members an opportunity to receive updates from the IMA, network, listen to great presentations and discuss the industry and its development. Members are given the chance to speak and introduce interesting projects and topics at the meetings. The members meetings are usually held alongside other industry congresses. Often IMA members will be given a discount to attend associated congresses.

Sharing Best Practice:

IMA MEAPAC helps to get a better insight into what’s involved in incentive marketing, through sharing and discussing best practice. This is done in various ways. On the website you can find latest blog posts & news from the industry. Members are welcome to share and promote their case studies with the other members and visitors of the website. In our members newsletter you will receive updates on new best practices and information about where you can find out more.

Education and Data:

IMA is a unique resource for information about the industry. The members are provided with the opportunity to learn more about all areas including industry statistics, law, tax etc. 

Research and Development:

The IMA helps to fund research & development in the industry, so that we all have more relevant data and can help our industry to grow and achieve.


The IMA MEAPAC plans to offer a variety of partners to give a discount to the members of the organisation.