Incentive Travel Council

Incentive Travel on the Rise

The latest White Paper from the Incentive Travel Council (ITC) clearly demonstrates the business case for incentive travel.The White Paper, produced for ITC by the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF)  analyzes and reviews recent travel research to determine its impact on modern business and travel-related non-cash awards.

The research showed the business case for and use for incentive travel is strong, with travel emerging as a top motivator for the modern workforce. Read Here.

 Incentive Travel On The Rise - Incentive Travel Council, ITC

Why Incentive Travel Leads in Inspiring Employee Performance

Silicon Valley has turned workplace incentives into an art form. From foosball tables to in-cafeteria sushi chefs, from napping pods to bike repair shops, offices in the San Francisco Bay area can amuse workers for hours on end.

But when it’s time to get down to business, companies like Facebook and Adobe know that one of the best ways to inspire a group to perform is by offering a chance to travel. Read Here.

ITC Advocate of the Year

The Incentive Travel Council "Advocate of the Year" honor is presented to an individual, business, or organization that takes an award-winning leadership role towards enhancing, educating and/or promoting incentive travel as a value driver for achieving performance.The award debuted in 2009 and the first recipient was Texas Roadhouse Restaurants who received this honor for their significant public support of the use of the incentive travel programs as cost-effective business investments. Watch for more information on upcoming "Advocate of the Year" nomination requests.