Join an IMA Chapter

While IMA is focusing on expanding the incentive marketplace as a whole, the individual Chapters work to meet the specific needs of its members in a regional area. You must be an IMA member to join a Chapter.

Some chapters listed below are still in formation of official chapters of IMA. Learn how you can help build our regional areas on their websites.


The IMA Europe Council (IMA-Europe) is designed to: 1) further the education of corporate Europe on the use of incentives and its industries practitioners; and 2) provide its members with a network of key industry contacts, informational resources, and educational training and content to enhance their incentive marketing efforts.

IMA Europe


Visit the Brasil website for information on IMA-Brasil.

IMA Brasil Membership

IMA Middle East & Africa (IMA-MEA)

The IMA Middle East and Africa (IMA MEA) is a regional group that works with the founding chapter of the IMA in the USA, and our members are global leaders who provide products and services such as employee rewards and benefits, prepaid cards and gift cards, as well as agency and loyalty marketing and consultancy services. 

IMA-MEA Membership