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The Industry News section is a collection of news postings which feature press releases from member companies and other important news releases in the incentive industry. 

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How to Bring Employees Together for the Holidays – Even If They’re Far Apart

Posted on 10/23/2023
The holidays are a time for togetherness and wrapping up the year with joy, but doing so has gotten trickier in the business world.

High-End Incentives

Posted on 10/17/2023
Keeping Participants Engaged With Memorable Experiences

Banking on Rewards: How Open Banking is Benefiting from Digital Gift Cards

Posted on 10/17/2023
Open banking is gaining momentum and now stands at the forefront of financial innovation, disrupting traditional banking models and enhancing the customer experience. But even with this momentum, a critical question remains: how can this burgeoning i

Introducing Motisha’s Podcast: It’s All About Engagement

Posted on 9/29/2023
A Podcast for Marketing and HR Professionals Who Want to Increase Performance & Engagement with their Employees and Customers

Share: Academic Research In Action: The Effect Of Reward Frequency On Performance

Posted on 9/28/2023
Working Paper Review: The Effect of Reward Frequency on Performance Under Cash Rewards and Tangible Rewards

The Secret Sauce to Driving Sales

Posted on 9/6/2023
Fall is the time many organizations forecast sales goals for the coming year. It’s a time to plan strategies around new products or increase share to help achieve those stretch objectives.

Academic Research In Action: Generative AI For Personalized Incentives, Rewards, And Recognition

Posted on 9/5/2023
The arrival of generative AI, particularly ChatGPT, garnered massive interest, becoming the fastest technology to reach 100 million users. This has spurred discussions about its transformative potential, including in HR.

Market Report: Demand for the Great Outdoors Flourishes Post Pandemic

Posted on 7/12/2023
In case anyone thought Americans would return to their couches after the pandemic, they were mistaken. The demand for outdoor activities and related products continues to surge, both among consumers and incentive winners.

Market Report: Millennials, GenZ Propel Analog Watch Growth

Posted on 4/7/2023
When the Apple watch burst onto the scene, some people predicted a long decline in the analog watch market. Instead, smart watches were a boon to analog watches, as increasing numbers of the Millennial and GenZ generations turn to traditional watches

Jeffrey Brenner of Seiko Watch of America On How To Turn a Good Sales Team into a Great One

Posted on 2/27/2023
Diversity is key to a successful sales team. There is much to learn from each other’s life experiences that can be woven into a team’s successes.

IMA CPIM Certification Highlights Importance of Program Design

Posted on 11/18/2022
Over 250 individuals have received an Incentive Professional (IP) designation and more than 50 have earned the Certified Professional of Incentive Management (CPIM) certification.

US Businesses Spend $176 Billion on Incentives, Recognition, Rewards, Incentive Travel & Gifting

Posted on 8/4/2022
A new Incentive Marketplace Estimate Research Study reveals that 84% of US businesses spend $176 billion annually on award points, gift cards, trips and travel, merchandise, and experiential rewards to reward sales staff, employees, channel partners

How to build a winning company culture in a hybrid world

Posted on 7/1/2022
Although “team culture” is a topic that gets a lot of airtime, especially over the last few years, with teams adapting to remote or hybrid working environments, it’s fair to say that it is something many organisations are still struggling with.

IMRA Launches Campaign to Spotlight Reps

Posted on 6/24/2022
IMRA has launched a new tag line and campaign to better tell the story of incentive representatives. To learn about the campaign and get an update on the state of the incentive representative business, RRN caught up with Tom Edgette, IMRA President,

Incentive Travel Destination Preferences & Their Impact on Motivation

Posted on 6/23/2022
While the pandemic put incentive trips on hold, the 2022 IRF Destination Preferences Study shows that interest in incentive travel as a motivating sales reward has never been higher.