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Design and Implementation of Incentive and Recognition Programs for Today's Workplace

Tuesday, August 18 | 11:00 am - 12:30 pm CT

This panel discussion will examine the best ways to design and deliver an incentive and recognition program in our current environment. The majority of the workforce is working remotely or have restrictions on their interactions with other staff. Many businesses need to support the staff left behind after layoffs or reengage staff after they were laid off. There are also a variety of non-work stressors such as children's schooling and concerns about elderly relatives.  What needs to change to ensure your recognition investment has the same impact and connects with your employees in the same way. What can the solution, merchandise, gift card and travel providers do to deliver a strong program in the new normal? Our industry and the creativity we can bring to delivering a strong and well received recognition program are more important than ever.  Join us as we brainstorm and problem solve to help you succeed in the new normal.

Moderator - Cindy Mielke, CPIM, Tango Card Inc. 

Cindy is experienced in B2B sales and is a marketing leader with a solid track record of results for incentive companies and their clients driving revenue goal attainment. She has a strong record of leadership and service to the incentive industry including roles as President of the Incentive Engagement & Solutions Providers strategic industry group, 2016, President of the Incentive Marketing Association in 2005 and President of the Incentive Gift Card Council in 2008. Cindy currently holds a Certified Professional of Incentive Management (CPIM) designation.

Nancy Alderman, CPIM, TSYS Loyalty & Prepaid

Nancy is an Associate Director at TSYS Loyalty & Prepaid and President of the Incentive Travel Council. Additionally, she holds her Certified Professional of Incentive Management (CPIM) designation.

Julie Bardier-Leblan, Merit Incentives

Julie is a french native based in Dubai and founded Mylist Group in 2012, a company headquarteted in Dubai with offices in KSA and Egypt. MyList created the first universal gift card across currencies in 2012. Some of Julie's most prized accomplishments include being founder of WIN by FBC, General Secretary of the FBC, Member of DBWC, EO Accelerator.  She successfully launched Merit Incentives corporate activity 2 years ago in 2016. 

John Cullen, SVM - Gift Cards

John joined SVM in October of 2011 as Vice President and General Manager, Gasoline Loyalty and Rewards. In his role leading the innovation and marketing team, John is responsible for streamlining the marketing efforts of all SVM entities while also developing go-to-market strategies for new SVM products and services. Prior to joining SVM, he held numerous  roles in loyalty and reward solutions, including senior management positions at both Centego Marketing, the creator of Fuel Rewards, and AutoGas Systems.

R. Scott Russell, C.A. Short Company

Scott is Director of Engagement Strategies at C.A. Short Company. His impressive career has built him a unique portfolio of titles such as Executive Board Member for (RPI) Recognition Professionals International; Operations Manager for Hudson’s on Mercer; Employee Engagement / Operations Manager with Verizon Wireless; and Corporate Sales Manager for RedEnvelope. In addition to his professional work, Scott is also an avid Songwriter, Educator and has created and led various programs within RPI including the education and membership committee as well as serving his third year as Secretary on the Executive Board.

Transforming Culture Through Enterprise Engagement

Tuesday, August 18 | 11:00 am - 12:30 pm CT

Our industry is changing at a phenomenal rate, engagement is a key part of that change - What do we need to do to be prepared? What if we could create a culture of engagement right across our organization? The power of gratitude is incredible. This panel discussion will show the power & impact of Enterprise Engagement.

We need a new type of engagement: focused not on novelty or reward soley but on smart, true stakeholder engagement from customer to employee. Employee engagement is becoming more and more of today’s CEO's concern: to work at the level of employee engagement, it is to act directly on the performance of the company. Turn your employees' commitment into performance leverage, improved customer experience and retention.

Moderator - Fintan Connolly, Motisha

As Chief Revenue Officer of Motisha, Fintan oversees customer strategy, which includes improving the success of current & future customers in addition global sales & the expansion of our indirect value added partner network. Prior to Motisha Fintan lead the global partnership initiatives at Workhuman where he helped to scale the business to be one of the world’s leading providers of employee recognition. Fintan is an entrepreneurial & driven senior executive & for over 20 years, has lead domestic & international initiatives to help some of the world's most admired companies create a Culture of Engagement.

Mike Donnelly, CPIM, Hinda Incentives

Mike, President of Hinda Incentives and the Hinda Loyalty Group, is a 35-year veteran of the incentives, recognition, engagement, and loyalty industries. Mike is responsible for all leadership aspects of Hinda, including sales, marketing, product development, strategic direction, and operations. Mike and his Hinda team are continuously working on the future of engaging rewards, as well as online innovative tools that keep sales, channel partners, employees and customers engaged with client programs.  Hinda has grown faster under Mike’s leadership than at any time in their nearly 50 year history.

Billie Reise, CPIM, Incentive Concepts

Billie oversees all human resources functions including talent management, policy development, benefits administration, and employee relations at Incentive Concepts. She has served on various Incentive Marketing Association (IMA) committees and was elected to the association’s Board of Directors. She currently serves as the Chair of the IMA’s Corporate Outreach Task Force and earned the IMA Certified Professional of Incentive Management designation in 2017. Most of all, Billie is a proud wife and mother of two boys.


Liven Up Your Incentive Program with Experiential Communication

Tuesday, October 20 | 11:00 am - 12:30 pm CT

The debate of the impact of cash vs non cash rewards is over and companies are seeing the benefits of adding experiential rewards as an incentive, over traditional rewards. But this is just the start. How can companies further maximise on the psychology of face to face interaction and lasting impact of experiential events on their audience? Live in-program activities work to ensure education, understanding and engagement of an incentive from the outset and throughout its lifecycle. They work hand in hand from start to finish to maintain visibility, drive behaviour and make the necessary impact to achieve desired KPIs.

Presented by David Gould, CPIM, CR Worldwide

David joined CR Worldwide as CEO in 2014. Leading a team of performance improvement experts, building and managing engagement programs, he is responsible for developing and growing the business to support new and existing clients. David’s key area of expertise is in the reward and incentive industry. He an active member in IMA and is IESP's 2019-2020 President.

David's experience includes Managing Director for Insight and Commercial Director for DSGI Business. He also spent more than eight years as Merchandise Director for IT reseller Micro Warehouse, after fulfilling the role of Business Manager for MacWarehouse.

It's all About the Data - Using Program Data to Take Your Incentive Program to the Next Level

Tuesday, October 20 | 11:00 am - 12:30 pm CT

As we all know data is everything. In this session we will collectively discuss how agencies use data in distribution programs to: identify brand believers,  create brand believers, increase share of wallet/sales, etc.

This session will help answer questions like:
  • Why can Incentive Programs give me data that my own IT can not give me?
  • How do I use data to motivate the channel to sell products they are not selling?
  • How do I protect my A customers and move B customers closer to A customers?
  • How can I use program data to communicate to my sales people who their best customer (at the rep level) is?

Presented by Peter Goldberger, IP, Incentive Team

Peter is a Sr. Partner for Incentive Team and has been in sales and marketing for 25 years spending the last 18 in the sales performance improvement industry. During his tenure within the performance improvement industry he has worked with high level Fortune 500 clients such as Mohawk Industries, Black and Decker, and Ashley Furniture.

Peter was highlighted in
Selling Power and Incentive Magazine discussing his expertise in delivering a high-powered, engaging channel marketing program. He has also been recognized by the IMA and Nielson multiple times for his expertise with engaging participants.

Incentives from a CFOs / Accountants Perspective

Tuesday, October 20 from 11:00 am - 12:30 pm CT

This session is intended to help the audience understand the perspective that a finance lead will take when looking at an incentive program.  As a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountant with an MBA and IP, Brian Dunne will show this analytical viewing with real examples. After this session, you will understand the key models used by accountants but in a bite-sized, usable way as well as understand how an accountant is hard wired at risk vs. return.

Presented by Brian Dunne, IP, GiftCard.Consulting

Brian is CEO of GiftCard.Consulting and has a wide range of connections throughout a variety of industries including payments, gift cards, rewards and retail. With a background in both management and business administration, Brian has decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge to bring to your business. Brian proudly holds a Karen Renk Fellowship of IMA, Founder of IMA Europe, a life time achievement of the Gift Card And Voucher Association. Brian is a Chartered Management Accountant and a Masters of Business Administration. Known as Mr Gift Card and having worked with many of the leading retailers and incentive providers across the globe his expertise is prized by so many.