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6 Reasons to Re-evaluate Your Channel Incentive Solution Provider

You’ve been using a professional channel incentive program platform, and perhaps it’s been adequate. But even if you’re seeing improved sales results and program participation, is your program really running as efficiently as it could be? Is it the most cost-effective solution for what you’re trying to accomplish? Though there are quite a number of channel incentive solution providers out there, certain elements of their products, services, or contracts can make the difference on the overall success and ROI of your program. Continue reading

7 Reasons To Use a Sales Incentive Travel Program

We love travel. When HMI was first created nearly 40 years ago, it was initially only as an incentive travel and meetings company. As time has passed and we’ve expanded into other areas of incentives, incentive travel has always remained close to our hearts. Continue reading

3 Ways to Build the Best Sales Incentive Program for Your Team

In a world where the best talent is in short supply, your sales incentives program could be the make or break to your company's success. However, it's not enough to have a sales incentive program, but you also need one that works. If you want to beat your competitor, you can’t just rely on cash bonuses and commission to entice your sales teams to work hard. Continue reading

Are You a Channel Incentive DIYer?

Most manufacturers know that channel incentive programs are an effective way to engage and connect with their sales representatives, distributors, dealers and more in a way that ultimately benefits their bottom line. Continue reading

Insider Tips: How to Budget for your Employee Recognition Program

Effective employee recognition programs are tied to an increase in employee retention and employee engagement. Continue reading

The Science of Social Recognition

The key to motivation in the modern workplace is social recognition. How can your employee rewards program take advantage of this phenomenon? Continue reading

3 Leading Indicators of Sales Incentive Success

Incentives sales is a lagging indicator. Tracking incentive sales only reflects what’s already been done. It’s like getting the final score of a football game after it has been played. It’s already too late to do anything to change the outcome. Continue reading

Motivating Channel Reps

A channel incentives program can either hit or miss the mark when it comes to motivating channel reps. With the right components in place, you can have a very successful promotion, bringing in increased revenue and a better relationship with your channel reps. Continue reading

Building Brands and Loyalty: Why Your Incentive Program Needs to Change

Multiple studies suggest that more and more business value lies not in tangible products and output, but in the intangible assets of a business, such as human capital. Continue reading

How to Truly Engage Your Customers

Just as core business functions have evolved, the way consumers interact with businesses has changed dramatically. Customer interactions are no longer about just a sales transaction. Consumers want valuable relationships with their brands, a connection that goes beyond the value of a product or service.
Continue reading

2018 Posts

4 Ways to Determine Your Rewards Program ROI

Employee recognition and rewards programs are important for increasing workplace engagement and making staff feel valued. In fact, 75 percent of employees formally recognized for their effort at least once a month claimed to be very satisfied with their job, HR today reports. Continue reading

How to Target Your Entire Sales Team With Individual Rewards

Your sales team may work cohesively at times, but ultimately they are still a group of individuals with different motivations. Finding a way of rewarding everyone equally can be a challenge - but there are ways to do it! Continue reading

Why It's Time To Redefine Employee Engagement

Employee engagement has always been crucial to the success of any business. How can you expect to deliver stellar products or services without a team that is giving 100 percent? The proof is in the numbers. Continue reading