Cash Isn’t (Always) King

Why incentive marketing will dominate emerging telecom markets

Reloadly blog by Justin Calderon

Incentive marketing has become a must-have customer engagement strategy for many businesses in developed countries. In markets where cash is no longer king, building non-cash rewards is seen as a no brainer. 

Now, in emerging markets, where cash is still very much king, incentive marketing managers are proving that non-cash rewards can still be very successful even in the cash-dominated world. 

Experts in global and Africa-focused telecom marketing have underscored three reasons for the likelihood of incentive marketing success taking off in the emerging world. 

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MEA Treasurer Debbie Ghillino, The Incentive Company
IESP Member Lincoln Smith, IP, HMI Performance Incentives

IMA Member Company Blackhawk Network
IMA Member Company Incentive Federation, Inc.
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