The Incentive Impact

A Look at the State of the Incentives, Recognition & Rewards Industry

Premium Incentive Products article by Deborah L. Vence

How (and where) are U.S. businesses using non-cash rewards most effectively? IMA members explained a recent Incentive Research Foundation study conducted to answer many questions asked by people interested in the well-being of the rewards industry to Premium Incentive Products. 

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IESP Vice President, Donna Chrobak, CPIM, Summit Recognition Solutions
IGCC Board Director, Hollis Thornton, CPIM, Cash Star, Velocity B2B
IMA Board Secretary, Mike Donnelly, CPIM, Hinda Incentives
IMA member, Steve Slagle, Incentive Federation, Inc. 
IMRA President, Jeffrey Brenner, Seiko Watch of America, LLC
ITC President, Nancy Alderman, CPIM, TSYS Loyalty & Prepaid