Spreading the Word on the Value of Incentives

A Look Behind the Scenes of the Incentive Marketing Association

A Premium Incentive Products Magazine article By Joseph Bush

November/December 2018 Issue

In PIP Magazine’s Nov/Dec issue, IMA’s initiative to communicate the values of incentives is explored. What makes IMA a flourishing association is their primary dedication to corporate outreach and their certification programs. These types of awareness and education are discussed throughout the article with IMA President Ted Moravec, CPIM, Elite Creations;  IGCC President Ashley Harris, National Gift Card Corp; IMRA President Lore Rincon, Continental Premium Corporation; IESP member Lincoln Smith, IP, HMI Performance Incentives; Daniel McConnell, IP Carnival Cruise Line; and IMA Past President Cindy Mielke, CPIM, GC Incentives.

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