GiftNow Showcase: Are You Capitalizing on Gift Cards?

July 22, 2021

The $160B gift card market remains a significant source of revenue for U.S. retailers and restaurants. But has digital transformation passed gift cards by? As the gift card market shifts to a digital-first mindset, merchants have the opportunity to improve and optimize their gift-card program strategies from a tender/payment-based approach to a customer engagement approach to help increase gift cards sales and redemption.

This webinar includes findings from a new Incisiv’s research study, commissioned by GiftNow, “The Evolution of Gift Cards: From Transactions to Engagement,” and discuss: 

  • Recent data on gifting trends over the past year and their impact on retailers
  • Retailers’ and restaurants’ current physical and digital gift card maturity 
  • Strategic recommendations retailers and restaurants can take to capitalize on digital gift card growth opportunities

presentation slides


Dan Farrell, Vice President and General Manager for Merchant Solutions, GiftNow

Dan is the Vice President and General Manager for Merchant Solutions for GiftNow, a Synchrony solution. He has over 20 years of experience in payments and the prepaid industry. Prior to GiftNow, Dan led global digital and commerce sales for Blackhawk Network & CashStar. He built up CashStar’s client base to well over 200 leading retail brands. Before joining CashStar, Dan built and managed the largest global portfolio of prepaid card products and services at First Data Corporation.

About GiftNow

GiftNow is a Gift Experience Management (GXM) solution designed to better manage gifting experiences holistically by addressing the friction points that make the personal online shopping journey so frustrating for gifters. GiftNow removes the obstacles between generous thought and generous action. GXM recognizes gifting as a complex, interconnected system, understanding gift shopping as a unique customer journey (distinct from self-shopping), and considers the needs and desires of both gifters and recipients. GiftNow helps create better experiences that add value to the gifting journey by providing scalable, turnkey solutions that bring innovation and ease to retail, restaurant and corporate gifting customers. With GXM, GiftNow can help you fulfill the promise of every gifting occasion. For more information, please visit