Spirit Of IMA Award

IMA invites you to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of your fellow IMA/SIG/Chapter colleagues by recognizing them with a SIG/Chapter Spirit Award. IMA has talented, resourceful, and generous members who are committed to advancing the incentive industry and their professional association.  As you interact with your IMA colleagues, please take a moment to thank the individuals who you feel are doing an exceptional job on behalf of IMA, their Strategic Industry Group or chapter and the industry. 


  • Must be a current member of IMA and the SIG/Chapter recognizing their contribution.
  • Has been a member of the SIG for at least one year
  • Has made an important contribution to the IMA and SIG/Chapter through their volunteerism 
  • Exemplifies the mission of the IMA and SIG/Chapter 

Nomination and Selection Procedure:

  • All SIG/Chapter members are eligible to submit a nomination for their SIG/Chapter Award.
  • Nominations shall be screened by the association staff to eliminate ineligible individuals.
  • Each SIG/Chapter Board will appoint a Spirit Award committee composed of at least two SIG /Chapter Board members and two SIG/Chapter members at large.
  • All eligible nominations shall be forwarded to the appropriate SIG/Chapter Spirit Award Committee to select and recommend a recipient.
  • The Spirit Award Committee will submit their recommended recipient to the SIG/Chapter Board for ratification.
  • Members of the Spirit Award Committee may submit nominations but are not eligible to receive the Spirit Award while serving on the committee.

Award Presentation

The Spirit Award recipients will be recognized during the IMA Awards Ceremony during the IMA Summit.

Make a Nomination

Fill out the online Spirit Award Nomination Form