Young Gun of the Year

This award recognizes an outstanding incentive professional who is in the early stages of their career and has already made an impact in their field, achieving the respect of their colleagues and continually looking for improvements. Entries may be submitted from individuals themselves or nominations from colleagues or others.

Entries should demonstrate:

  • Their early achievements and the outcomes
  • How they’ve made a mark on their organization or sector
  • How they have been an inspiration to others and are viewed by colleagues and other stakeholders
  • How they’re an ambassador for their organization and have spread their learning

Nominees must be 30 years older and younger by May 29, 2020 to be qualified.
Join us at the IMA Summit 2020 to celebrate and honor the Young Gun of the Year recipient. There will be a cocktail reception followed by the Awards ceremony.

Nominations for 2020 is now open, nominate yourself or an industry peer today!

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Deadline to submit is May 29, 2020.