Entrepreneur of the Year

Entrepreneurs drive innovation and bring new solutions to some of the world’s most pressing problems. Additionally, they create jobs, generate economic growth and encourage creativity. Our winner will have consistently met or exceeded challenging objectives and demonstrated a quality approach through personal values and working practices. They may have taken an innovative approach, developed new working practices or launched groundbreaking technologies.

They will be a distinguished example to peers or colleagues and demonstrate delivered quantifiable benefits to either their organization or another and demonstrate personal development to enhance their ability to succeed in the future.

Judges will also consider the nominee’s record on corporate responsibility and the impact their businesses has on the environment.
Join us at the IMA Summit 2020 to celebrate and honor the Entrepreneur of the Year recipient. There will be a cocktail reception followed by the Awards ceremony.

Nominations for 2020 is now open, nominate yourself or an industry peer today!

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Deadline to submit is May 29, 2020.