IMA Hall of Fame

In the June 2016 Fast Take, my Letter from the President floated the idea of having an IMA Hall of Fame. The idea was to honor the many people who came before us, who had a great influence on the industry and who helped many people with their careers. People who were very instrumental in building this channel.

The next thing I know I am getting phones calls and emails telling me what a great idea that was. One of those calls was from Vince Alonzo, the Editor-in-Chief of Incentive Magazine who told me he liked the idea so much that he was going to write about it in his Editor’s Note in the July/August 2016 issue.

I formed a Hall of Fame Advisory Committee and after a lot of hard work from this committee, I am proud to announce that the IMA Board of Directors approved the IMA Hall of Fame.

-Spencer Toomey, CPIM, IMA Past President


  • Must have been active in the incentive industry for at least 10 years. Exceptions can be made for unusual circumstances such as death or injury.
  • May be living or deceased.
  • Cannot be a current member of the IMA Board of Directors or a SIG/Chapter Board.
  • Nominee does not have to be a member of IMA to be considered.
  • There will not be a limit on how many members can be elected each year.
  • Some years, especially in the early years, there may be several candidates and some years there may not be any.

Nomination and Selection Procedure:

  • All IMA members are eligible to submit a nomination for the Hall of Fame.
  • Only IMA Members may nominate a candidate; non-members are not permitted to nominate a candidate.
  • Nominations shall be screened by the association staff to eliminate ineligible individuals.
  • All eligible nominations shall be forwarded to the IMA Hall of Fame Advisory Committee to review, select and send to the IMA Board of Directors a slate of candidates.
  • All candidates will require a 75% approval vote from the IMA Hall of Fame Advisory Committee to be presented to the IMA Board to be voted on individually.
  • Induction to the Hall of Fame shall be by ballot vote of the Board of Directors.
  • Each nominee must receive at least 60% of the IMA Board votes to be elected.
  • Candidates who are not selected will automatically be reconsidered the next two years by the Advisory Committee. After that period of time, if the individual has not been inducted, they will need to be nominated again by a member before being reconsidered.
  • The IMA Hall of Fame Advisory Committee may propose deceased industry leaders who were a part of the Industry and may have been out of the industry before IMA was formed.
  • The IMA Hall of Fame inductions will be once a year at the IMA Summit.

2017 Hall of Fame Inductees:

Four long-time industry leaders were inducted into the new IMA Hall of Fame at the 2017 Summit.

Greg Canose

With over 35 years of experience in the incentive industry Canose has served as a mentor and leader to many. He made consistent and important contributions to the IMA since its inception, including serving as the first president of the IMA Board of Directors. Canose was an active member of IMRA and the IMA. He was also instrumental in the formation of the IMRA SIG.

George Delta, Esquire

As a co-founder and general counsel of the Incentive Federation Inc., Delta uses his deep knowledge of the industry to monitor federal and state legislation and he works diligently for the best interests of the industry. His accomplishments include his work to avert an industry disaster when OSHA stated its proposed ergonomics rule that safety incentives do no work and lead to under-reporting of injuries, and his extensive work on the protection of I.R.S. Code 274(j). Delta has been active in the incentive industry for over 20 years.

George Kling, (posthumous)

Over his 50+ years in the incentive industry, Kling is known for having helped many people and brands get started in the industry and for bridging the gap between promotional and premium products. Kling taught distributors how to sell incentives and showed brands how to sell to the advertising specialty market. Kling is a Past President of the Association of Incentive Marketing, a precursor to the IMA. He was a member and advisor of many state and regional incentive and promotional product associations and organizations.  Kling passed away in 2013.

Karen Renk, (posthumous)
Over 18 years ago, Karen Renk envisioned an association that encompassed all aspects of the industry, one that would deliver a united message to the corporate world. To realize this vision, she helped create the IMA and served as its executive director for 14 years. Before forming the IMA, she served as the Executive Director for IMRA. Renk was valued for her support of IMA members and their careers as well as championing the growth of IMA and the incentive industry. Renk passed away in 2014.  In 2015 the IMA began awarding the Karen Renk Fellowship Award in honor of her tremendous efforts.