Hendrickson Book Endorsed by IMA

The IMA Board of Directors has reviewed and endorses Barbara Hendrickson, CPIM’s latest book: It’s NOT About the Money!: 10 Steps to Designing Effective Non-Cash Incentive Programs that Retain Employees, Engage Customers, and Improve Business.

This book is a great read for use on several levels:

  • People who are new to the incentive marketplace, both employees and clients, will get a succinct overview of the philosophy and mechanics of contemporary incentive programs.

  • Professional friends who have concentrated on a narrow segment of the industry, whether it is a single delivery system or a narrow vertical, will find that this book offers an easy way to better understand how their specialty fits into the big picture and open the door to expand and diversify their involvement in the industry.

  • For industry experts, Barbara offers a tremendous reference work that gives an insightful snapshot of the current state of the art, backed by a thoughtful cross-section of white papers, studies and statistics. The materials serve as a valuable reference anytime you need insightful thoughts about incentive and appreciation systems and is recommended by the IMA.

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