Incentive & Engagement Solutions Providers Membership

The Incentive & Engagement Solution Providers (IESP), a strategic industry group of the Incentive Marketing Association (IMA), is a trusted resource for business leaders globally in helping their organizations achieve results through engagement and incentive solutions.

Benefits of an IESP Membership

  • Content offered in a greater variety of channels
  • Content via white papers, education sessions, webinars & website
  • Content at the IMA Summit, Incentive Buyers Conf & PPAI Expo
  • Create and define incentive & recognition industry standards
  • Discover best practices, new incentive technology, & market trends
  • Education through IMA and industry opportunities
  • Guidance for program design and implementation
  • Networking opportunities with hundreds of incentive professionals
  • Opportunities to provide insights to industry media partners
  • Problem-solving discussions and forums
  • Thought leaders in the industry and advocates for IP/CPIM

  • Membership Levels

    Cost: $750 per year

    Primary member from an organization that will have voting rights and can run for Board positions. The member will not be required to create content but will have access to all content created by other SIG members. A prospective primary member may submit content (see membership type below) prior to joining IESP to get the discount off their initial membership fee.

    Additional member advantages will be offered to this group, which may include the following:
    • Discounts on CPIM/IP certification fees
    • Media training
    Cost: $250 per year

    Additional member(s) from primary member organizations but do not have voting rights. These members will not be required to create content, but can help (or independently) create the content to meet the requirements for primary content creating members. They will also have access to all the content.

    IESP is a Strategic Industry Group of IMA. An IMA membership is required before becoming an IESP member.

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