IMA Summit 2018 - Education

Speaker Opportunities at the IMA Summit

The 2018 IMA Summit Education Committee is formally requesting a call for speaker proposals for the 2018 IMA Summit. Our goal is to ensure we are providing valuable, relevant content in the best format that meets the needs of all Strategic Industry Groups (SIGs) and attendees. 

We received tremendous feedback from the IMA membership regarding topics the membership wants to learn about and discuss at the 2018 Summit. As a result, we have created three educational tracks focused on challenges, growth & technology. 

Survey feedback illustrated several repetitive themes resulting in subtopic suggestions below. Do you have a presentation which fits the suggested topics below?

  • Challenges
    • Fraud, Fraud, Fraud
    • Did we mention Fraud?
    • Industry Consolidation
      • Tax Laws
    • Other?
  • Growth
    • Lead Generation
    • How to sell my vertical
    • Thought Leadership, Best Practices
    • International Expansion
      • Buyer Journey/Buyer Trends
    • Other?
  • Technology & Opportunities
    • Overcoming the power of the internet
    • Mobile
      • New & Emerging Tech
      • Engaging with Millennials
    • Other?
    Do you have an educational topic which doesn't fit the above suggested criterion, and you know would be well-received at the IMA Summit? Submit! Our Education Committee welcomes all submissions and is happy to review all proposals.

    Speaker & Presentation Proposal Form

    We encourage all proposals to be applicable to all Summit attendees. Be mindful  when crafting presentations to allow key learnings across SIGs. Engage members of other SIGs to contribute to your panel or serve as a subject matter expert. Need assistance developing your panel? Reach out to Education Committee members Don, Cindy, Fintan or Betsi for help.

    The format of the content can be a panel discussion with industry experts facilitated by a moderator, a presentation by a subject matter expert or possible content for smaller round table discussions. Content must be general information of value to all and cannot be a sales pitch for you or your company.  Sessions can be 30 minutes to 1 hour and should allow time for Q/A at the end of the presentation.  Interactive sessions are also well received by our members including live polling if applicable.

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