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10/10/2017 » 10/12/2017
IMEX America 2017

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Money 20/20 2017

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HR & Employee Benefits Summit Denver

10/23/2017 » 10/24/2017
Marketing Summit

10/23/2017 » 10/24/2017
Training & Development Summit

2015 Summit Sessions

2015 Summit Sponsors Session Descriptions and Handouts

2015 IMA Executive Summit
Education Sessions

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Thank you to our Summit Education Sponsor:

Monday, July 27

8:30 am - 9:30 am

Keynote - Max Weinberg

Max Weinberg will take the IMA Summit audience on a journey through the ups and downs of his amazing 35-plus year career with a special emphasis on his E Street and Late Night experiences. He shares his candid thoughts on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien debacle, and details his victories over several life-changing yet, ultimately, life-affirming medical issues.

Presenter: Max Weinberg
Sponsored by: RPG Card Services

10:00 am - 11:15 am:

Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Engage for Success: A Three Part Session On Incentives In The European Marketplace

The Incentive Research Foundation has been doing research into the incentive and rewards market for over 20 years. We are excited to have joined forces with Motivate Europe Live to compile a UK-focused project that will provide important insights into the trends and issues that matter to incentive professionals - insights that will help to inform the decisions, products and services of the future. This research effort, the first of its kind, will provide actionable data regarding campaign budgets, strategies, objectives, and most importantly future changes.

  1. Incentives in Europe: Psychology of A Great Incentive Programme
    Melissa Van Dyke, Incentive Research Foundation
  2. UK Government Programme: Engaging Employees to Gain Success
    Brian Dunne , SVM Europe
  3. Engage For Success Q&A Session
    Andrew Wilmot, Maroon Elephant

IGCC B2B Shark Tank

Join IGCC in our first ever Shark Tank education session. Help us solve four real industry challenges by working on a pre-assigned team. Then watch your team leader pitch your ideas and solutions to our industry expert "SHARKS" and see what type of investment your team will get. You're not going to want to miss this fun, engaging, and educational session. There will be prizes awarded to the winning teams.

Presenters/Participants: Jaime Badgett, Andy Hodges, Tom Niedbalski, Rebecca Rosenbloom Andreoli, Jack Smith, Kim Sobasky, Eric Thiegs, Hollis Thornton

Selling to Smaller Businesses - or - How To Get Your Re-sellers To

There are 1.25 million businesses in the US with sales between 1-10 million. This group represents 51% of the 54 billion spent on Merchandise and Gift Cards annually. This presentation will focus on the opportunity that exists in selling smaller programs to smaller businesses and what is required to do it successfully.

Presenter:  Jeff Dalton and Barb Hendrickson

11:30 am - 12:15 pm

IMA Participant Study

"The Power of the Participants and Preferences"
We all know that businesses don't move until people do. That makes the most important people in your programs very clear: the participants you are trying to motivate. With four generations in the workforce and hundreds of life stages and styles represented in a single company, how do we know what aspects of your group influence their preferences most? Join Melissa Van Dyke as she discusses information fresh from the Incentive Marketing and IRF's Participant Study that explores the demographic, psychographic, and firmographic areas of a participant base that most heavily influence their reward and recognition preferences

Presenter: Melissa Van Dyke

1:00 pm - 2:15 pm:

Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Merchandise Incentives: Where Are We, Where Are We Going?

The Incentive Manufacturers Representative Alliance presents a discussion with members of the Performance Improvement Council and The Recognition Council on the current state and future of merchandise incentives in the programs they present and manage. A particular focus with be on perceptions of merchandise as a motivator in today’s workforce, how merchandise is sourced and what role manufactures representatives play in the supply chain. The panel will take a glimpse into the future to see where emerging trends may lead the market.

Presenters: Bill Martocci and Ted Moravec

Global Incentives: Doing Business In International Territories

- Power of customization and respect of local culture / expectations
- Sharing expertise worldwide
- Case studies

Brian Dunne, SVM Europe
Julian Rochard, Edenred USA
Barry Doyle, Procurement International

3:00 pm - 4:15 pm

Concurrent Breakout Sessions

2015 US B2B Gift Card Redemption Trends

–In September 2013, Shapiro+Raj and GiftCard Partners conducted a special topic section in our monthly National Poll of 500 consumers to understand the market landscape, in terms of:
  • Estimate incidence and frequency of gift card receipt and redemption
  • Explore third party gift card awareness and purchase
In March 2015, GiftCard Partners engaged us once again to interview a fresh sample of 1,000 consumers, nationwide, to track changes, as well as to expand on understanding the receipt and redemption of gift cards, specifically through B2B channels.


Presenter: Matthew Smith

Advanced LinkedIn for Business
This session is for those who already have a LinkedIn profile and know the basic functionality: how to post an update, invite connections, etc.

In this session you will learn how to use LinkedIn to:

  • network virtually
  • establish or reinforce your brand
  • distribute and share content
  • use the analytics
  • answer the question: to Link or not to Link

Presenter: Barb Hendrickson

The Experience Economy and the ROI of Experiential Rewards
A panel discussion about the “Experience Economy” and the Return on Investment associated with Experiential Rewards.

Presenter: Marc Matthews, Nancy Alderman, Alan Hale, Robert Ward

Tuesday, July 28

10:00 am - 11:15 am

Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Digital In Europe

  1. Deploying A Frequent Flyer Programme in Europe
    Deploying a consistent and coherent digital rewards program globally has its challenges. This case study summarises the deployment learnings for the digital reward element of the Lufthansa Miles&More™ Frequent Flyer Programme. Lufthansa has an affluent and sophisticated frequent flyer base on a global basis. A particular challenge was the deployment digital giftcards in China. The giftcard market in China is going through rapid development from a low level of penetration. There also some compelling digital offerings that meet local consumer needs. Also, there were some interesting learnings around how to manage the Exchange Control and VAT regimes to deliver cost-effective programs.
    Volkar Patzak, Cadooz, Andrew Wilmot, Maroon Elephant

  2. Launching A Customer Loyalty Programme in Europe
    How digital gift vouchers help increase your customer loyalty and lower your total cost of ownership
    Launching A Customer Loyalty Programme In Europe for a leading banking and financial services company.
    Gunter Everaert, Swing Group

  3. Digital in Europe Q&A

Wellness Opportunities in the Incentive Space

Join an IGCC hosted panel discussion on Health & Wellness Opportunities in the incentives space. Learn more about the fastest growing B2B segment from industry leaders and distributors. Find out where the opportunities are, how to penetrate the space and how to best position your brand.

Presenters: Nick Balestino, Kevin Green, Nicole Hardey, Steve Kane, Erin Wood

SnapChat, Tumblr, and Instagram; Not your Grandfather's Facebook or Twitter

The social media venue of choice among the younger generations is an ever moving target. It seems like just yesterday that we began to determine how to best leverage Twitter and FaceBook to grow our businesses and integrate them into programs. SnapChat, Tumblr, Instagram, and Vine are experiencing a lot of activity and focus. How do these differ from the Twitter and FaceBook that we know? Are they something that should be embraced and included as part of our visibility messaging? This session will attempt to give a glimpse of the overall social media landscape , where it stands today, and some guesses on where it may be going so that you can get there early.

Presenter: David Boodey

1:00 pm - 2:15 pm

Concurrent Breakout Sessions

Zen and the Art of Employee Incentives: Unlock the Right Employee Balance
Get the latest information on employee reward satisfaction, including variations between different age groups and industries. We will provide insights that explain the factors influencing preferences as well as advice from our experts on how to use this information to create a successful program.

This interactive session gives you insights derived from a comprehensive survey of employees — those with incentives programs and those without them — in which they elaborate on the subtle differences between rewards that are valued versus rewards that actually disappoint or even demotivate them.

Presenter: Bill Beck

Tell Me a Story: The Role of Storytelling in Presentations
This session will review 4 main types of presentations, focusing on sales presentations.

In this session you will learn:

  • the impact of stories in sales presentations
  • anatomy of a great story
  • blueprint for telling your story
  • tips to get started

The use of storytelling can make a good presentation great, impactful and memorable.

Presenter: Barb Hendrickson

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