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The Business Case for Incentive Travel (2016)

For decades leading executives have sought to optimize the performance of their people. Tools have changed. The economy has changed. But interest in engagement and performance has not. Today, with strong job growth, the entrance of more generations in the workplace than ever before, and the extreme specialization required within virtually every job, this executive interest has heightened in recent years. Consultants now focus on helping executives calibrate the cash-based and non-cash motivators available to maximize performance. READ MORE >>>

2012 Incentive Travel Survey

Joint survey between Corporate Meetings and Incentives and the Incentive Research Foundation finds that while perception issues around incentive travel have decreased, the economy is still driving destination decisions. READ MORE>>

Incentive Travel Recovering from Belly-flop

After a lengthy downturn in workforce incentive travel programs, businesses are now starting to jump back into the pool. . . One of many organizations finding creative ways to incorporate incentive travel is DriveSavers, based in Novato, California, a leader among data recovery service providers. According to CEO Jay Hagan, Drive Savers offers incentive travel rewards because "we give our professionals the opportunity for experiences they will never forget; something that stays with them, and becomes a permanent part of their narrative." READ MORE>>

Behavioral Economics of Incentive Travel

In good times and bad, reward and recognition programs help excite and engage these major constituents who are responsible for achieving organizational performance. Although only part of the total mix, incentive travel -- group travel, individual travel, or motivational event – is unlike other reward and recognition programs. Incentive travel creates experiences other programs can’t achieve. (October 2010) READ MORE>>

The Incentive Travel Council "Advocate of the Year" honor is presented to an individual, business, or organization that takes an award-winning leadership role towards enhancing, educating and/or promoting incentive travel as a value driver for achieving performance.The Incentive Travel Council's "Advocate of the Year Award debuted in 2009 and the first recipient was Texas Roadhouse Restaurants who received this honor for their significant public support of the use of the incentive travel programs as cost-effective business investments. Watch for more information on upcoming Advocate of the Year nomination requests.